C is for Cookies and Cream Cake Pops

Cake pops Cake pops and more cake pops!

If it hasn’t been obvious- Cake pops have been my main focus these past few months. Recently, I had a friend from high school message me asking if there was any way I could make oreo cake pops. And even though I was crazy busy, I still accepted because she was a good friend and I thought I could handle it!

Fast forward to the week she wanted her cake pops- I had probably 350 cake pops in various flavors to make for different orders. I was honestly feeling kinda overwhelmed! I was still trying to figure out how to make an oreo cake pop. Do I go vanilla with oreo chunks? Or maybe chocolate with oreo chunks? Then shout out to the best mom ever- She suggested that instead of busting my behind to make a completely separate batch, why not use the extras from a plain chocolate batch I already had. Brilliant! In that moment- I was really glad I had kept extras each time I had them!

I dipped the pops how I normally do. See http://http://frostingonmysunglasses.com/cake-pops/ if you haven’t found out- Check it out!!

Before I started dipping the cake pops, I crumbled up Oreos. I found after the first pop, the smaller the oreo the better! I crunched the cookies into almost a powder and tried again- Perfect!  (Sorry I didn’t get more pictures of this batch- like I said- I’ve been busy!)Before (Above)

Mom helped me sprinkle oreo crumbs on the cake pops. Thye looked so cute! 

When they were all done and frozen, I bagged them and tied them up with a red bow! Not gonna lie- the red was a good choice because it added to the aesthetics of the black and white cake pops!











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