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I found these shoes today while shopping! The first thing I said was "If they had these in black- they would be perfect! I could not stop thinking about them! When I got home I just HAD to find them in other colors! Guess what! I did! Now I need your help! Do I get the black ones? Or the Grey ones? Check them out and let me know!

Amazing Black Espadrilles


Meet Minnie! ūüíô¬†She is my adorable, (overly) fluffy Cocker Spaniel- Poodle mix dog! She loves begging for food, walks, and everyone in our family (especially Dad and my sister!) She is also terribly spoiled. Meaning she gets fancy¬†Organix¬†dog food and gets snooty if we use other food. Who knew a dog could have such a personality!?!


In order for me to make my cake pops, I use a ton of Nonpareils! For those who don't know- Nonpareils are tiny round sprinkles. They spread all over the place but oh my gosh they're adorable, especially on the white chocolate I use for cake pops! I also go through a TON of Treat Bags and 6 inch lollipop sticks!


Isn't this thing so adorable?! My sister is OBSESSED!! This is a Slow rising squishy!! Just the name by itself is cute!

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