“It’ll be a One-Time Thing!”

Hey everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a bit distant on you guys recently. I’ve been super busy! Between work and homework, my summer has been very full and kind of boring to be completely honest! Anywho- story time…

Just about a month ago, I was sitting at my computer, working on my final project for my first class of the summer. My mom walks into my room and shows me something she had just posted on facebook. (Quick plug- if you haven’t added frostingonmysunglasses.com on facebook- you can click here https://www.facebook.com/Frostingonmysunglasses/  and take a look!!)  I mean don’t get me wrong- my mom is amazing and I love her! But sometimes she helps a lot. She posted that I was going to selling cake pops. Typically, when I do a facebook sale, a couple people order and then it’s just over. This has not been a typical experience!

That post has since blown up!

I have been just about nonstop cake popping for the past month! Originally, I thought it would be like all my other facebook sales! Hahaha yeah no not really. My orders have ranged from 6 cake pops to 200+ pops! I’ve had special requests for various flavors, and I even had one of my favorite customers suggest a new pop- Cookie dough pops! (Still working on those!)

Everyone has been helping! Mom and my sister help sprinkle the pops for most orders. My sister even made a (one time) magnetic cake pop stand! It stood just long enough to take the picture before she wanted her magnets back! And honestly- I don’t blame her! These Magnets are AMAZING! It has been crazy and stressful and overwhelming, but fun and exciting at the same time! It gives me hope for when I someday open up a shop!


Well- I guess I should get going- I’ve got more cake pops to work on! 🙂










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