It’s a Mutual Thing

Hey everyone! Guess what today’s topic is?


Cake Pops!! (Shocker right!)

I recently had the opportunity to do a live demo with a group of young women from church for mutual!

*Mutual is a Wednesday night youth (Male and females 12-18) gathering  night through the LDS church, activities range from service to learning new skills to games* For more information: Check this out!

Anywho, I was asked to come in and teach the young women how to make cake pops. Of course I was super excited! I had never done a live demo before! As the event got closer and closer, I got less and less excited and more and more nervous and anxious. I knew it would go fine but I kept running worse case scenarios through my head. I mean they’re cake pops for teenage girls- what could go wrong?! My brain could have told you.


I got through the planning and the day of the event was here! I packed up a laundry basket full of all the supplies I would need and kept praying I wasn’t forgetting anything! I must have checked twenty-seven times!

I got to the church building and unloaded everything I would need and started melting the chocolate. Thinking back now, I should have shown up much earlier to melt the chocolate! The chocolate was at about that point when the girls came in ready to learn. I was definitely an awkward mess since I lost track of time!

I did basic introductions and answered questions while the chocolate finished melting. At that point, I got the show on the road!

The way I did it, I would explain what I was doing, show the girls, and then let them try it. It was kinda overwhelming having that many eyes on me as I try to look smart and professional, but I think I did okay.

Once everyone had cake balls on sticks, we put them in the freezer. With the help of a little “movie magic” (Premade and frozen cake pops already on sticks), we were able to jump straight to dipping cake pops.

Again, I showed them once and let them have at it. I tried to corral them into a line to go one at a time but it didn’t work too well. Eh, they didn’t mind!

In fact, they seemed to really enjoy it! I had pre-separated sprinkles into little paper cups for them to use too! Once they got going, they all huddled around the melted chocolate. I tried to give pointers as much as could, but I just stepped out of the way and let them have fun! And that they did!

The girls got creative too! Patiently arranging sprinkles into different shapes including snowmen.


Overall, I would say they enjoyed learning how to make cake pops. And I loved having the chance to work closely with the girls in the kitchen! 10/10 would definitely do again!











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6 thoughts on “It’s a Mutual Thing”

  1. You did it!!! The first time is always the hardest, and now you will just keep getting better and better. It seems that “live food performance” runs in the family (you get it from your momma)!!! So… when does production begin for the holidays, so I can start saving my money to buy tons of them? 😄

    1. I’ve gotten a lot from her! 🙂 Let me know when and what you will want! I will be home for Christmas around the 15th so I should have plenty of time to get goodies made! 😀 And thanks for looking at my blog! I was super excited to see your comment!

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